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Recently I've been checking out some movies from the local library. I felt I needed to catch up with the DC/Marvel universesss. I'm glad you commented on this. Was BvsS also a vehicle to include Doomsday and The Death? I dunno. I guess that since the comics did it 30 years ago, it had to show up sometime. Much like the previous inclusion of Bane. Ugh, bane. And J.K. Simmons? Jeeses, haven't we had enough of him? I'm glad that I chose the theater release of JL. I don't know if I could make it through the Director's Cut of 242 minutes.

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This makes perfect sense to me. The Boys' Homelander squicked me out very well and was more terrifying than anything else in that series. Enough that I did one season and noped out. Thanks for the analysis.

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