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Is Timothy Chalamet’s the most punchable face in human history? Yes. Did Wes Anderson somehow manage to make it even more punchable in The French Dispatch? Again, yes. If I ever encounter Timothy Chalamet in real life, will the end result be my acquittal because I successfully convinced a jury he looked a little like Willem Dafoe? Sadly not, because no one would ever believe I could confuse Twig Boy with Willem Dafoe. Guilty as charged, Your Honor. I will accept my sentence with equanimity, knowing I have rid the world of that face. You're welcome.

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4 'Is “One Cranky Asshole in New Jersey” the new title of my memoir? HOW COULD IT NOT BE?'

I had trouble using dickhead in a title, so I think you should be prepared to find alternatives to asshole. Although I do admit that asshole perfectly describes some people I know. If asshole is a problem, I’m pretty sure butt hole will be no-no as well. While poopy head is situated at the opposite end of the body, it’s still a gamble. I suggest the medical term sphincter. “One Cranky Sphincter in New Jersey”? Nah, fuggedaboutit.

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