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I am pretty sure I am the only person alive who didn’t like any season of Ted. Partly because I was am American in London for five years so we instinctively hated “so weird they drive on the left here” or football bs soccer. And Ted first season is full of such observations. And second it’s just style I guess. I love derry girls,kudrow’s the comeback and the early curb your enthusiasms. And this is the polar opposite. The female owner is pretty shardp but otherwise the show was just meh and often irritating, especially so given its fanatic and enormous fan club.

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Hands off my Ted Lasso.

Some days, what we really need is a Ted Channel—all Ted, all the time.

And what about the crossover episodes?

Wouldn’t you love to see Ted in a BusyTown-like traffic mess and have Happy Valley’s Sarah Lancashire respond and deliver one of her rapid-fire monologues leaving everyone gaping like fish? (Did you see her visit to the head master’s office in defense of her grandson?)

Will Roy hook up with the teacher? Reunite with Keeley? Will Keeley say “yeah, whatever, laters” to Jack who, for all her wealth and connections, is shallower and more morally bankrupt than a first year pro footballer?

And what will Becks Becks and assistant do to make Rupert a has been, was heard, no influence yawn?

Nate? Don’t care.

We need more Doctor Sharon.

And will Rebecca and House Boat man ever learn each other’s names?

And Roy and Jamie “secretly best friends?” No no no no. They both matured enough and did their homework and put their time in to develop the best relationship of their lives, but they still want Keeley. No secrets there, anywhere.

And Sam? More Sam. All the time.

We’ll always have streaming.

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Amazing. I've never seen Jason Sudeikis in ANYTHING, although I may have heard his voice in Robot Chicken. I just looked him up. Sure, I've heard his name bandied about, but nothing. I am ancient.

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The monoculture is dead, we live in splintered times. No one can be up on everything any more.

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